IT Staffing

Our in-house technical expertise offers significant value for our clients. We work closely with business owners and management to find the best resources for project staffing on short-term or long-term assignments, mentoring existing clients’ staff or helping recruit the ideal new hire.

IT Training

OakTree has expanded its training capability with four new classrooms in Tulsa. We maintain state-of-the-art hardware and software in our classrooms and labs to support our vendors’ requirements. OakTree Software is a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner.

IT Careers

Are you an IT professional considering a new job opportunity or career change? Have you been on the hunt for the right IT job and coming up empty on options? Whatever your current situation may be, it’s time to call OakTree Software’s IT Recruiting team.

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Our company’s name represents the great potential existing in our relationship with each of our valued customers. We are dedicated to building strong business partnerships with our clients and expertly assisting these clients in order for their businesses to thrive.

OakTree Software is…

A professional consulting firm helping clients maximize competitive advantage.
A full-service IT staffing firm providing the highest quality consultants on both short-term and long-term assignments.
An established, Microsoft-certified IT training company helping our clients get the most out of the products and technologies they deploy.
A team of professionals with an established reputation for keeping commitments and ensuring the highest level of customer service.

OakTree Software is unique. We offer IT Consulting services for businesses in need of quality IT staff. We help train IT staff for businesses of all kinds to help improve productivity and employee value. We also help IT professionals get placed in IT career opportunities. OakTree works closely with our clients to ensure each client’s needs are met and exceeded. Whether you are an information technology professional seeking new opportunities in the IT industry or a business in need of IT staff or IT training, OakTree can help. We are a proud Microsoft Certified Learning Partner, which means you will always get the highest caliber of service from our team.

1. We do the work of finding the right IT staff for you. This allows you to continue with business as usual while we find the highest quality candidates possible.

2. We screen all of our candidates with a stringent process to assure our clients that our candidates meet the job requirements and our standards. Other recruiting firms have a reputation for sending over as many candidates as they can.. hoping that they’ll get a win just by their numbers.  Here, we have an intricate screening process that allows us to find our top 1 or 2 candidates and submit them to the client.  We focus on quality, not quantity.  And of course, we focus on what the candidate is looking for.

3. We pull candidates from all over the United States to find top notch candidates seeking opportunities to grow.

4. Our recruiters work closely with our clientele to make sure the requirements of the job are clear and that our candidates will be able to meet and exceed expectations.

5. We are a Microsoft Certified Training Center.  Our instructors can tech screen candidates, and with all of their IT knowledge (and owner Lisa Wilson’s knowledge of IT development), we can really figure out what the client is looking for and get them the best candidate.

“Just wanted to let you know how much Lori enjoyed her SQL Administration class and Kevin his Active Directory course. The knowledge they gained during their week in class was put to use immediately and helps them in their roles daily.”